Ayurveda means knowledge of life science. [‘Ayur’ is life, and ‘Veda’ means knowledge of science] Ayurveda was derived from the most cherished scripture of India- “the Vedas”. There are four Vedas namely “Rigveda”, “Yajurveda”, “Samaveda” and “Atharvaveda”. During the 500-600 B.C., the Sages- Agasthya, Charaka, Sushrutha, Kashyapa, and others, systematized the references to illness, disease, health practices and medicines from the Vedas into the Samhitas (Compilations). It is from the ‘Samhitas’ that doctors have passed down the authentic knowledge of ‘Ayurveda’ for preventative and curative approaches to health. A totally comprehensive system; Ayurveda is more than just a healing method – it is an entire philosophy of life.

Ayurveda removes the cause of disease and re-establishes balance to our physical system through herbal remedies, medicinal massages, practicing Yoga & Meditation leading to a spiritual lifestyle. According to Ayurveda, human body is composed of three elements – the physical, astral, causal i.e. the body, mind and soul.

If you are looking for “Ayurveda” treatment or Wellness Program either exclusively or part of any leisure Tour, we suggest doing it in the ‘Lap of Nature’ – Kerala. Whether you want to have a ‘General Ayurveda Body Massage’ at a Hill station or ‘Body Rejuvenating treatment’ in a House Boat that cruise along the backwaters or an Ayurveda wellness treatment while you enjoy the Sunny Beaches of Kerala, we have every options open to you. We have virgin plans and arrangements for this Age Old Traditional treatment and Wellness Program.

When we say virgin plans and arrangements, definitely it means a program that is made strictly available as per the prescription by the ‘Ayurveda Medical Practitioners’. Remember, this program demands a non-alcoholic & Vegetarian status. This service is available to any category of people.